Oral Surgery

It is a surgical specialty that includes diagnosis, surgery and subsequent oral treatments without the need for hospitalization.

Extract the wisdom teeth in time to anticipate the problems arising

Removing the wisdom teeth on time, colloquially known as wisdom teeth, is the best solution to avoid secondary problems. When they do not erupt, they are included in the gum and this can lead to the formation of a maxillary cyst.

In addition, the extraction helps us in many possible oral health problems such as the appearance of cavities or infections.

Attacking the problem from its root.

Some patients have chronic dental infections that can lead to oral lesions. When these are of small size (less than 1 centimeter), the treatment is performed by endodontics of the causal tooth. However, sometimes this is not enough and you must resort to reendodontics or, in the last stay, to periapical surgery.

Periapical surgery is a dental treatment in which, by means of a surgical access to the area where the root of the tooth is located, the infection or radicular cyst is eliminated, the apicectomy is performed (removal of the infected apex) and finally the obturation of the the root with amalgam or special cement to seal the tooth.

The technique to recover your bone structure efficiently and naturally.

Various situations or pathologies can cause the loss of bone in the jaws. The most common cause is natural resorption after tooth loss, but it can also be caused by infections or by old dental implants that have caused problems.

The bone graft is used to place dental implants when the maxillofacial bone structure of the patient is not enough to serve as support for these. Its objective is to reconstruct the lost bone to allow the placement of the dental implants that will replace the lost teeth.

There are a multitude of bone regeneration techniques, but in general, the bone graft consists of using the patient’s own bone (from other parts of the mouth or body) or special biomaterials that are placed in the areas to be regenerated through the bone. oral surgery

It is vital to perform a biopsy and diagnosis of both cancerous and precancerous oral lesions, thoroughly exploring mucosal and adnexal tissues, in order to perform the most appropriate treatment.


Epulis dental

Epulis is a cyst that forms in the gum or in the soft parts of the mouth. It is usually benign and more frequent in older people.

Initially, it appears as a small sore, but grows rapidly and develops acquiring a cluster appearance, causing discomfort during chewing and may even bleed. If it is not treated, it can affect the bone and lead to a cancerous lesion.

When the epulis acquires a certain size, the best solution is laser surgery. This treatment has multiple advantages due to rapid intraoperative coagulation and better recovery during the postoperative course.

Let nothing influence your daily activities.

The maxillary sinus is located in the maxilla that is part of the paranasal sinuses. The maxillary sinus is a cavity located in the maxilla that is part of the paranasal sinuses. These, in turn, are a set of cavities that communicate with the nostrils and influence daily activities such as breathing or phonation.

The elevation of the maxillary sinus is a surgical technique that allows the increase of bone in the upper arch, with the aim of obtaining an adequate bone base in which to place osseointegrated implants, in those cases in which the bone consistency does not allow it.

We evaluate the most appropriate treatment.

The dental inclusion can be total, leaving the teeth completely inside the maxillary bone, or partial, having partially erupted the teeth.

We take care to evaluate the diagnosis and decide which treatment is the most appropriate. According to each case, we can extract the retained tooth or reposition the tooth included in the dental arch.

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