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At Dr. Charani Dental Centers, we like the whiteness of your teeth. That is why we offer you the best services in cosmetic dentistry and implantology, using the latest technology and remaining at the forefront since 2001. With two centers in the city of Valencia, we offer personalized attention, with payment facilities and complete reviews.
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Formado entre Valencia y Nueva York, el Dr. Eyad Alcharani ha defendido en su trayectoria su filosofía de ofrecer siempre lo mejor y lo último en odontología y alta estética dental, utilizando tecnología de vanguardia y dando una segunda oportunidad a la sonrisa de sus pacientes desde 2001.

En los Centros Odontológicos Dr. Charani hemos defendido durante mas de 20 años una filosofía sencilla basada en tres pilares.
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cirugia dental

It is a surgical operation performed in the oral cavity to solve or remove any type of element that interferes with the patient’s oral health.

This type of intervention is usually performed in the dental clinic, we have the best tools and techniques of dental surgery.


Implants are the most effective solution for dental rehabilitation. If you wish to recover lost teeth, or if you consider that a dental implant will benefit you in terms of the result, you can count on our clinic for this.

We give advice on all types of dental implantology, in terms of materials, rehabilitation, implants with or without surgery, etc.


Dental aesthetics is also part of dentistry. It is responsible for solving problems related to oral harmony, thus improving the appearance of the patient’s mouth.

It solves questions about the aesthetics of the oral cavity through treatments or surgical interventions.


In our clinic we have extensive experience in the speciality of orthodontics. We study, prevent and correct any type of alteration in the development and evolution of the patient’s teeth, always using the most modern means.

At our centre we offer you the orthodontics that best suits your needs.


Endodontics consists of removing an injured or infected part of the tooth. On occasions, the nerve can become inflamed, causing possible infections, sometimes even leading to the loss of the tooth.

In our clinic we work to provide the most specialised, painless and intelligent treatment.


This area cares for and resolves problems related to the tissues that surround and support the teeth, such as the gums.

Our professionals treat each case with the utmost care to provide the treatment that best suits the patient’s needs. We must not forget the health of the gums.


We use this technique to facilitate patient relaxation, thus allowing our professionals to carry out interventions and surgical treatments in the most comfortable way possible without forgetting the patient’s wellbeing.

We strive for maximum perfection in our results, with greater access to certain key oral cavities.


In addition to being dentists, we are also caregivers. We know the needs of patients, and we know the complications that can arise with patients affected by various types of physical, mental or sensory disabilities.

We listen to relatives or guardians so that the patient feels as safe and comfortable as possible.

protesis dental

In our clinic, we have fixed or removable dental prostheses. We study the alterations and characteristics of your mouth to create the best solution, creating comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and fully balanced teeth.

We are experts in creating prostheses from scratch, carrying out the appropriate treatment for a good result for the patient.



In our dental clinics we know how important it is for you to maintain good dental health, for this reason we put at your disposal our team of experts in dental aesthetics. You will obtain the best dental results with the help of the latest advances in oral and dental technology.

Proximity, personalised attention and professionalism make the difference in our dental centre in Valencia.

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Our medical team is made up of dentists who are specialists in each type of treatment. We guarantee our patients a complete and detailed follow-up during the preparation, development and finishing of each dental treatment.

In our dental clinic in Valencia you will receive a close and trustworthy treatment to make you feel at home, while we improve your dental health and aesthetics.

If you would like to meet our experts in dental aesthetics and advanced dentistry, come to one of our dental clinics in Valencia. We will inform you about all our treatments.


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