Porcelain veneers

Solve your image obtaining benefits without pain.

Porcelain veneers are used to make slight alterations of position, or to change the shape of the tooth, size or color. These are fine pieces of porcelain that recreate the natural appearance of the teeth, while providing the strength and strength characteristic of the enamel of the natural tooth.

We also offer a much finer type of porcelain veneers, which not only makes them more natural, but also greatly facilitates their placement process. They are some of the most requested and popular and their result is perfect. Due to its tiny thickness, of only 0.3mm, it is not necessary to apply a dental carving during the placement process, unlike conventional porcelain veneers.

The material used is a porcelain more resistant and translucent than conventional porcelain, which is why these veneers have a more real appearance. In addition, there are up to 10 shades to choose the one that best suits the color of the patient’s dental surface.


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