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Founded in 2004 and directed by Dr. Eyad Alcharani, the Dr. Charani Dental Centers have been growing little by little and expanding their reach in the city, counting today with three clinics in the city of Valencia.

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Doctor Charani

Formed between Valencia and New York, Dr. Eyad Alcharani has defended in his career his philosophy of always offering the best and the latest in dentistry and high dental aesthetics, using cutting-edge technology and giving a second chance to the smile of his patients from 2004

Healthy smiles that speak louder than words.

Filosofía de trabajo

En los Centros Odontológicos Dr. Charani hemos defendido durante casi 15 años una filosofía sencilla basada en tres pilares.


First of all, we are aware of the responsibility conferred when we are entrusted with a smile, therefore we offer quality services with only the latest cutting-edge technology.


In addition, we believe in the need to have a team of competent, expert and committed professionals.


Finally, we consider essential to offer an excellent human treatment to our patients, essential to complete a perfect job.


Dr. Eyad Alcharani
Director MédicoMedical director

With a degree in Dentistry from the University of Valencia, Dr. Eyad Alcharani has continued his educational career doing numerous master’s degrees and courses in different disciplines of dentistry. A master’s degree was highlighted at the University of New York in 2003 on Clinical Advances and Innovations in Modern Implantology.

In addition, it has a wide variety of courses and seminars in the latest dentistry techniques, such as Invisalign or the B.O.P.T technique, with the aim of offering the best to their patients.

Also, he is the medical director of the Dr. Charani Dental Centers, founded in 2004 by himself, which today have a network of three centers in the city of Valencia where a wide variety of dental services and high dental aesthetics are offered. and high dental aesthetics, among others.

Dra. Eva Bellvís
Orthodontics and General

General dentist, pediatric dentist and orthodontist. Graduated in 2012 in dentistry by the UV, she completed a master’s degree in the same university focused on Hospital Dentistry and Special Patients ...

Dra. Sonia Casaban
Aesthetics and Periodontics

Graduated in dentistry from the UCV, she completed two master’s degrees, specializing in the use of prostheses, implant prosthetics and dental aesthetics and in oral surgery and periodontics with her ...

Dr. Rami

Aesthetic Medicine and Health

Sergio Setien
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

Graduated in Physiotherapy in the UV, with an extensive training in Osteopathy, and a special concern for the use of manual therapy.

He has vast experience in the field of physiotherapy ...


Silvia González
Commercial Director
Tino Caballero
Patient care
Emiliya Georgieva
Esther Mengual
Tania Boluda
Carmen Agea

Only the best facilities and the latest technology to guarantee your smile.

Come visit us

Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 10 46015 Valencia

T. 963 38 45 67

Carrer de Fuencaliente, 10 46023 València

T. 962 06 54 58

Carrer de l’Historiador Diago, 15 46007 València

T. 963 82 17 04

The most innovative and efficient technology to exceed your expectations.

We offer the best techniques and cutting-edge treatments in dentistry and high dental aesthetics, collecting the latest advances at an international level in the world of dentistry.

3D Printer Form2

Form2 is the latest generation professional 3D printer that allows you to obtain a precise and personalized impression of a wide range of dental products, such as models, surgical guides or dental protectors.

The printing process is simple, fast and has a wireless connection and a touch screen.


OZONE DTA is an apparatus capable of producing pure ozone in a focused area with a concentration of 10 to 100μg / ml. The ozone created quickly transforms into oxygen dispersing in the air and in just 20 seconds OZONE DTA effectively eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses from the desired area, without any inconvenience or pain in the patient’s mouth.

FOX III- Diodes Laser

Fox is a laser of 8W diodes of power and 810 nm of last generation, of the most advanced in the market from the technological point of view.

One of its most innovative features is the green beam, which facilitates greater visibility of the operative field; The accuracy of the built-in Jazz sapphire scalpel and the photodynamic therapy with EmunDo are also highlighted, making it a completely unique laser of its kind.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed uses a Philips LED light to accelerate whitening and get the best results in 45 minutes; It is safe and effective for teeth and gums and offers excellent results. Get a whiter smile today.

CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner

A faster, more efficient and smarter scanner with unique continuous scan functions that significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire a scan. Patients spend less time in the treatment chair while easily acquiring all the essential information needed to create an impression in record time.

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