Facial Aesthetics

Our facial aesthetic treatments will get, from the hand of the best professionals, the rejuvenation of your skin and your appearance with the most personalized service.

Hyaluronic acid is used to improve the skin in beauty treatments, relieve pain derived from diseases such as arthritis, and is also a product widely used in cosmetics for its multiple properties. Focusing on aesthetic medicine, its utility focuses on filling wrinkles by creating a structure under the skin that gives volume and a natural look to facial expressions. How do you get it? Through its water-capturing property, which allows it to attract H2O molecules that hydrate the skin and achieve rejuvenation of the skin as a result.

This type of treatment uses botulinum toxin in order to soften wrinkles and fine lines. Not only does it fill the groove and neutralize wrinkles, but the botulinum material reeducates our muscles to reduce their contraction when producing involuntary reactions or gestures. The key to this treatment is to apply the right amount of botox in the correct way, to avoid excessive saturation of the tissue and therefore that feeling too plastic and unnatural in the face.

To combat facial flabbiness and achieve well-defined features and a sculpted face, the tensioning strands can be the appropriate solution.

Get a uniform skin, without spots and with luminosity

There are many reasons why our skin can be pigmented irregularly, causing sunspots, resulting from pregnancy, which appear with age … In addition to other skin lesions such as acne marks. The chemical peel treats these issues in a non-invasive way by depigmentation of the skin. It is a gentle chemical procedure that removes the superficial layers of the skin that are damaged to give rise to a new radiant and rejuvenated layer.

Revitalize your skin.

Mesotherapy consists of very superficial microinjections for the prevention of skin aging, improving wrinkles, spots and flaccidity, for the overall revitalization of the skin. The effect is similar to what would be achieved by combining the best moisturizer with the best nutritive, and considering that topically the penetration of active ingredients is minimal, and instead with the injection penetrates 100% of the product.

In a session of about 20 minutes, a series of active ingredients specially selected for each patient are injected according to the state of their skin. The tensor effect is very fast and satisfactory.

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