Dental Rejuvenation

The dental rejuvenation consists of treating and restoring the aggressions provoked in the teeth and smiles with the step of the years.

Your smile is your best complement, and therefore with this treatment we will make it look as young and bright as before.

It is a method used to treat aggressions and the passage of time on the skin and face, as well as to correct those symptoms also in the mouth. In the dental centers Dr. Charani we begin the treatment with a cleaning and polishing of the teeth to eliminate possible spots. Next, in the same session we performed a dental whitening treatment, where we also treated the sensitivity of the teeth.

Afterwards, we carry out a meticulous visual study and measurement of angles and teeth, in which, after assessing the aesthetic tastes of the patient and an evaluation of the results, an esthetic contouring of the teeth was performed. Thus, we get to give the soft, rounded and contoured shapes to the damaged pieces.

Next, the smile is reconstructed in a very aesthetic way and with high-end porcelain microparticles of the upper dental pieces, one at a time. With these reconstructions we can close the spaces that are created between the teeth and return to give the natural length of those pieces, which has been lost over the years. The result is a much more youthful and luminous smile.

Finally proceeds to treat the upper lip area (the so-called bar code), with infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, both in the upper part of the lip and in it, if necessary.

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